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This is a double album of remixes of songs from my first three albums. All kinds of folks you’ve probably heard of on here. Guy SigsworthThe Blow  The Microphones/Mt. Eerie  YACHTLucky Dragons, and so many more. 

  1. The Light (Hooliganship)
  2. The Light (DJ Beyonda)
  3. La Familia (Guy Sigsworth)
  4. La Familia (Handsome)
  5. Monument (Anna Oxygen)
  6. Nobody Has To Stay (Shawn Parke)
  7. Don't Die In Me (Bryce Panic)
  8. Don't Die In Me (Mt. Eerie)
  9. Apples In The Trees (Pash)
  10. Apples In The Trees (Balvanera House Party)
  11. Sweepstakes Prize (Ben Adorable)
  12. Make It Hot (Tender Forever)
  13. Make It Hot (All Over)
  14. Advisory Committee (Shok)
  15. Advisory Committee (Earl St. Ives)
  16. Dogs (OF BA Krts)
  17. Jerusalem (YACHT)
  18. The Fruits Of Your Garden (Khaela Maricich)
  19. Mt. St. Helens (Nervous Redux)
  20. Pollen (Pee Pollen)
  21. Cold Cold Water (Electrosexual & Abberline)
  22. We're Both So Sorry (Screamclub feat. Gina Young)

Released in 2006, available on vinyl through K Records and digitally through their Bandcamp page.

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