Sundial EP

Sundial EP


Limited edition 7 song EP on clear vinyl, just under 1000 of these made, 2017

This EP features my new song Sundial along with songs from my back catalogue, all lovingly arranged for string quartet by Jherek Bischoff . The front and back cover art is by Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels . This vinyl edition comes with a download code for the digital deluxe version which includes 4 extra tracks. I’m not going to re-press these after this first run is gone. When you buy this from me directly, you’ll also get a packet of Sundial Sunflower seeds packed by The Hudson Valley Seed Company. Plant, Grow, Brighten the World. 

Track Listing:

1. Sundial
2. The World is Falling Apart
3. Oxen Hope
4. Cold Cold Water
5. Little Cup
6. Fleetfoot Ghost
7. The Light

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